17 6 / 2013

It all started when we went searching for my Grandmother Fran’s antique buttons so I could use one as a decoration on a pin I’m making for one of my son’s teachers.  What we found were some of my find things belonging to Grandma Della - mom’s mom - and I am so happy! It turns out that my mom didn’t throw away my grandma’s vintage costume jewelry after she died.  It has been sitting in her closet in an old waffle bag, if you can believe it (yes… a bag that originally held frozen waffles.  I can’t even find a sell by date on the bag). It has probably been forgotten for 20 years.  I was about seven when Grandma died, and so I don’t remember going through her things and seeing things that were hers.  I’m really glad to have the opportunity now.  Some of the pieces have maker’s marks so I can look them up and see when they were made — I’m a total sucker for the history of vintage jewelry, and to have some with sentimental value is incredible - I thought I’d never have any.

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